£75,000 Drugs Find In Kilkeel By Police

UUP MLA and Deputy leader of the UUP John McCallister has commended  police for the South Down drugs seizure. He praised the Police for their actions in seizing £75,000 worth of illegal drugs on Saturday night. Mr McCallister said, “I know that I speak for the entire community when I welcome the seizure of £75,000 worth of cannabis plants in Kilkeel on Saturday night. [caption id="attachment_18823" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="A large haul of cannabis was found in Kilkeel by police."][/caption] “It is vital that the whole community unites to assist the Police in combating drugs and drug dealers. Drug dealers do not care about the individuals they sell to or the families and communities they destroy. “Whilst the Police attempt to tackle the supply of drugs, the community must work to reduce the demand for drugs. Only by the entire community acting together to assist the Police do we have a chance of ensuring our young people steer clear of both drugs and their dealers.” SDLP Newry and Mourne Councilloir Karen McKevitt has also said people in the Kilkeel area are relieved that cannabis worth £75,000 has being removed from their community following the raid of premises in Rooney Park by police. Mrs McKevitt added,  “As a parent I, like many others, am hugely relieved that police have seized this huge quantity of drugs and in doing so have made our community a bit safer. “Cannabis, although often viewed as a soft ‘recreational’ drug, is dangerous, highly addictive, and young people, particularly, can get hooked to it all too easily resulting in lives being destroyed and families being torn apart. “I appeal to young people to be conscious of the short and long-term damage which this and other drugs can do and for people in South Down to pass on any information that they have about drugs pushers in the area to the police, where it will be treated confidentially.”]]>