Red Arrows Will Once Again Add To Economic Life of Newcastle


When the Red Arrows sweep over the Mourne Mountains and over Newcastle with their trailing plumes on Saturday 10 August as the highlight of the 2013 B/E Aerospace Festival of Flight, the event organisers will be celebrating, not only another amazing show, but also a major boost to the region’s economy.

Down District Council, which stages the annual spectacle is predicting that crowds of over 100,000 will throng the streets of Newcastle on the big day. But the benefits won’t stop there as Chairman of Down District Council, Councillor Maria McCarthy said: “It will be great to see Newcastle filled to the brim with good humoured family audiences.  There will be stunning viewing positions right along the coastline and from the Mourne Mountains as the aerobatic displays take place over the extensive natural amphitheatre of Dundrum Bay.

[caption id="attachment_41167" align="alignleft" width="390"]Getting ready to land at this year’s B/E Aerospace Festival of Flight are (L-R)  Michael Nugent, representing Newcastle Chamber of Commerce, Councillor Maria McCarthy, Chairman of Down District Council, Laura McQuade and Deborah Harris, Public Relations Manager, Belfast International Airport. Getting ready to land at this year’s B/E Aerospace Festival of Flight are (L-R) Michael Nugent of Newcastle Chamber of Commerce, Councillor Maria McCarthy, Chairperson of Down District Council, Laura McQuade, and Deborah Harris, Public Relations Manager at Belfast International Airport.[/caption]

“Spreading audiences geographically means that the economic benefits also extend into the wider community, rather than being concentrated exclusively in Newcastle.  The B/E Aerospace Festival of Flight is an amazing, fun-filled day.

“There is a very serious intent behind this major project and we are firmly focused on ensuring a value-for-money, return on the investment made. For generations people have come to the Mournes region to enjoy its unrivalled natural splendours coupled with the charm and excellent amenities of local towns and villages. However, in today’s competitive and increasingly demanding world, visitors are also looking for exciting events for a special day out or to provide a highpoint to a weekend, short break or holiday.

“We certainly wouldn’t want to disturb the wonderful natural tranquility of the Mournes with an event of this scale every week, but this major internationally scaled attraction has its place as a key component of our emerging events strategy for the region. The calendar of events will showcase the Mournes as a superb destination for a vast range of sports and leisure activities.

“It will also highlight the recreational, cultural and social amenities of an area which is too often admired from afar….our message, through events, will be that this splendid region is here to enjoy!”

B/E Aerospace, the Kilkeel-based manufacturer of seating and interior products for the global commercial airline industry, is headline sponsor of the festival, leading an impressive list of private sector sponsors.  Neil Cairns, Vice President and Managing Director at B/E Aerospace Kilkeel is impressed at the Council ethos and said: “We are delighted to have been invited by Down District to support a project which will deliver economic benefits in such imaginative and dramatic fashion, and of course we love the association with aircraft as it so closely reflects our own passion.

“B/E Aerospace is one of the largest private sector employers in the Mournes region and we are proud to act as unofficial ambassadors for our region whenever we can, encouraging other businesses to follow our lead and base themselves in an area which offers some fantastic benefits, not least access to a highly educated, well motivated workforce with an excellent work ethos.”

The positive impact which the annual B/E Aerospace Festival of Flight makes on the region’s economy, notably on the tourism and hospitality sector, is evident by the Northern Ireland Tourist Board fund. Councillor McCarthy aded: “The NITB is a strong and loyal supporter of our events strategy, not only in terms of financial input but also through its professional encouragement and vision. Global research which the NITB brings to us reinforces our commitment to events as a mainstay of strategic development of tourism while the Board’s input and support in terms of developing the local hospitality ‘offer’ continues to be vital importance to the sector.

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