Thursday, November 21, 2019
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Hazzard Concerned at Speeding in Drumaroad Village


South Down MLA Chris Hazzard has written to Roads Service to raise the issue of speeding through Drumaroad village. Mr.Hazzard said that speeding has become a serious worry for local residents, “Sinn Féin recently carried out an issues survey in Drumaroad, and it is no exaggeration to say that every door raised their concern about persistent speeding in the area.dn_screen “Drivers going too fast through the 30 mile per hour zone in the village has become a seriously problem, and something needs to be done before someone is injured or even worse. What’s even more worrying, is that Drumaroad is increasingly becoming a home to more and more young families. Families with small children who attend the local school and nursery unit nearby to where much of this speeding is taking place. “I have written to Roads Service and asked them to investigate this as a matter of urgency, and to share their opinion on the possibility of traffic calming measures for the village. I look forward to their response and hope to deal with this matter once and for all in the very near future.”  added Mr Hazzard.