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Westmeath Family Praise Festival of Flight
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Barry Sullivan from Westmeath Applauds Festival Of Flight

Dear Editor,
We are just back from a most enjoyable family day spent at Newcastle Air show.
I have to compliment all parties involved in what was a most enjoyable and spectacular show. As a dad in my 40’s from southern Ireland, Northern Ireland was a place we never went as a child due to the troubles. However, thanks to all the hard work by all parties over the years, today was the first time I brought my family to Northern Ireland.
To be honest we were a little gobsmacked at the outstanding beauty of the Co.Down countryside, the astonishing views, mountains, valleys, rich agricultural lands, and omg we were blown away with the stunningly beautiful Newcastle, its wonderful promenade. The airshow was spectacular, the park and ride worked a treat ( we were back to our car in 20 mins and traffic management has simply to be applauded).
Once again thank you so so much for a wonderful (free) day. Next year please god it is our intention to bring our friends and incorporate your airshow into our Irish Holiday which for the first time in my 40 years will be spent in Northern Ireland. well done to all. just a side note but sadly we all sat around and watched our nine o clock news and all it showed was 5 seconds of the airshow followed by extensive coverage of the violence in Belfast.
As we have learned today there is far more to Northern Ireland than violence, water cannons, rubber bullets. It is an area that we will happily come to again…..roll on next year… take a bow, take a rest…its well deserved…
Kindest regards and best wishes,
Barry Sullivan and Family