UUP Declare Eight Candidates For Council Elections in South Down

THE Ulster Unionist candidates handed their nomination papers in to the returning officer located at the Down District Council offices in Downpatrick for the new ‘super council’, the Newry, Mourne and Down Council.

This new council will run in parallel with the current independent Down and Newry and Mourne District Councils and will in fact be a ‘shadow’ council for the next year when the other two disappear. Councillors will oversee the transition form the two local councils to  one larger one for South Down.

[caption id="attachment_49057" align="aligncenter" width="540"]The UUP team for the Newry, Mourne and Down Council election. The UUP team for the Newry, Mourne and Down Council election. From left, Cllr Dessie Patterson (Slieve Croob), Cllr Harold McKee, (Mournes), UUP DRD Minister Danny Kennedy, Cllr Walter Lyons, (Rowallene), Jill McCauley, (Mournes), William Mitchell, (Crotlieve), Mike Nesbitt, UUP Party Leader, Graham Fury, (Downpatrick), Cllr Robert Burgess, Rowallene.[/caption]

The UUP have entered eight candidate in the electoral fray across the overall South Down area and will be battling against the DUP and other more minor unionist interests such as UKIP for their share of the vote.

Mike Nesbitt, UUP Party leader, attended the handing in of the nomination papers and speaking to Down News he said: “We are running a very strong team for this election in South Down. There are a lot of unionists unhappy with the political situation today and over the past 16 years. People want to vote for parties who are acting responsibly and exercise power responsibly. We want to make effective decisions in local and regional government  and we want to govern for the benefit of the people.”

Down District Councillor Robert Burgess said: “We are delighted to be leaving in our nomination papers for the Newry. Mourne and Down Council election.

“EWe have a great team selected to stand on behalf of the party. O know the candidates well and they will all work hard for the electorate in the new council area after the 22 May election.

“I call upon the voters to come out and vote for the Ulster Unionist Party on this date. We fundamentally believe in doing what is right for Northern Ireland.”

The eight UUP candidates are:

Rowallene: Robert Burgess (Group Leader), Walter Lyons.

Downpatrick: Graham Furey.

Slieve Croob: Dessie Patterson.

Mournes: Jill McCauley, Harold McKee.

Crotlieve: William Mitchell

Slieve Gullion: