USPCA Assists Kitten With Injuries Dumped On Road

Tragic case of kitten enters USPCA Animal Hospital for treatment after being dumped on the road


Tragic case of kitten enters USPCA Animal Hospital for treatment after being dumped on the road

A little kitten, along with its two siblings were heartlessly placed in a bag and dumped at the side of the road in County Down – in immediate danger from passing traffic.

“I didn’t deserve to have my pelvis crushed and my siblings killed when I was dumped on the road in a bag.”

The USPCA team was devastated that two of the kittens had already passed away when found, but the remaining third kitten was brought into its care where the veterinary team did everything in their power to help it. But it had suffered extensive injuries and did not make it through the ordeal despite the efforts of the vets.

Unfortunately, it appeared that the kitten had been struck by a vehicle and suffered incredibly severe injuries including a shattered pelvis and a broken leg (see highlighted area).

The USPCA is urging the public to make sure they fully understand the full depths of care and responsibility required by a pet owner and to ensure that their existing pets are neutered to stop unwanted litter… this is responsible pet ownership. 

Colleen Tinnelly, USPCA Development Manager, said: “First and foremost, we really urge the public to ensure their cat is neutered to stop unwanted litters of kittens, as failing to do so results in tragic cases like this.

Unnecessary cruelty: An x-ray of the kitten’s pelvis after it was dumped in a bag on the road with a couple of its siblings that died.

“In addition to neutering, it’s also vitally important that people are aware of the care requirements needed for young kittens.

“Cats are natural born roamers so you will want to ensure they are microchipped – in the event that they go missing this could play a key role in you being reunited with them.

“Vaccinations are also vital at a young age to protect their health and give them the best start in life

“Apart from this, ensuring that you have enough space in your home along with appropriate bedding and safety precautions in place is really important.

“Researching the ins and outs of cats and their behaviours will go a long way in ensuring it’s the right pet for you.”

Colleen Tinnelly added: “We do recognise that there is an amazingly strong community of animals lovers here in Northern Ireland and we can’t thank you enough for your support.

“Unfortunately, instances like this highlight that there are still many heartless individuals out there. No animal deserves to be left at the side of the road.”