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Update Advice Regarding Weather Conditions and Travel
More Storms Ahead For Dundrum Sea Wall March 27, 2013| Posted by | Comment on More Storms Ahead For Dundrum Sea Wall Comment

WITH the recent snow falls there is now a significant risk of flooding, especially in the Down Area (Newcastle, Castlewellan, Killcoo, and possibly Hollywood) as water drains off the hills. 

As a result the emergency services and associated agencies remain extremely busy trying to provide assistance to individuals who are vulnerable due to the current conditions. 

A police spokesperson said: “Police would ask motorists and members of the public for their assistance by being mindful of the weather conditions that still exist in many of our more rural areas.  People should ask themselves if their plans are absolutely necessary. Do not place yourself in unnecessary danger.dn_screen

“Motorists in particular should be aware of the potential for aquaplaning on roads that may flood as a result of the melting snow.  They should drive appropriate to the prevailing conditions using the correct speed and lighting.  It is advisable if your journey is really necessary make sure you are well wrapped up, have a few extra blankets food and a hot flask with you.

“Police are also warning hill walkers of snow hazards which are not normally seen in Northern Ireland such as cornices and avalanche risks in those areas affected by snow and strong winds.  All walkers, even those with winter experience, should bear this in mind and consider the potential risks before embarking on any walks in these areas. 

“We would encourage residents in local communities to call on each other and in particular elderly neighbours to check they are safe and well.”

If you find yourself in need of urgent assistance please use the 999 system or alternatively for non emergency situations 0845 600 8000.