Ulster Hospital Opens New Inpatient Ward Block


The South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust has opened its new Inpatient Ward Block to patients and staff.

This marks a significant milestone in the redevelopment of the Trust’s single acute Hospital.

The Ulster Hospital Redevelopment is being completed in three phases A-C. The Phase A redevelopment commenced in 2002 with a capital investment of £106m and provided:
* Renal Unit (completed 2006)
* Maternity Unit (completed 2007)
* Terrace Car Park (including Security Centre) (completed 2007)
* Critical Care Complex accommodating Theatres, Critical Care Unit, Laboratories and Sterile

* Services Department. (Completed 2010).

Planning for the £261m Phase B redevelopment commenced in 2008 and has provided an Inpatient Ward Block, with the Acute Services Block to follow at the north of the Ulster Hospital site.

The front facade of the new inpatient ward block at the Ulster Hospital.

Inpatient Ward Block

The new Inpatient Ward Block will replace the existing main ward block, which opened to patients in 1962 and has now exceeded its useful life expectancy.  The facility provides 288 single ensuite bedrooms across 12 wards, along with other services at different levels: 1 Support Services, 2 Day Procedures Unit – Day Surgery and Endoscopy, Cardiac Procedures, Pharmacy, Café, 3 Medical Wards 3a, 3b, 3c,  4 Surgical Wards 4a, 4b, 4c,  5 Surgical Wards 5a, 5b, 5c. 6 Medical Wards 6a, 6b, 6c, and 7 Support Services.

The facility provides state-of-the-art facilities to improve infection control, and patient experience, privacy and dignity.

Hugh McCaughey, Trust Chief Executive, said: “The new Inpatient Ward Block is a major landmark in the continued redevelopment of the Ulster Hospital and will provide our staff with fit for purpose, modern facilities in which to provide the highest quality of care to our patients.”

Services to the new Inpatient Ward Block will be transferred in phases.

There is open visiting between 10 am and 9 pm daily.

Patient Brian Moore, Naomi Dunbar (Asst. Director Strategic & Capital Development) with Seamus McGoran (Director of Hospital Services), centre.

The closest car park to the Inpatient Ward Block is the Terraced Car Park, where disabled parking is also available. There is a drop off and pick up point at the front entrance.

The remaining phases will be complete by spring / summer 2017.

Existing visiting hours to these wards will remain in place and visitors should also park in the Terraced Car Park.

Disabled parking is available at the front of the Old Ward Block and also in the Terraced Car Park.

Acute Services Block

The Phase B redevelopment programme also includes the provision of a new Acute Services Block, which commenced on site in April 2016 and is scheduled to open to patients in early 2020. The Acute Services Block will provide: Emergency Department, Inpatient Radiology, Assessment Units, Specialist Wards (170 single ensuite bedrooms), Support Services.

The construction of the Acute Services Block will create approximately 650 job opportunities in the construction industry and 10 apprentice opportunities.

Following the opening of the Acute Services Block to patients, the Old Ward Block will be demolished. This will clear a site for the final stage of the hospital redevelopment, Phase C, which will provide: Outpatients, Diagnostic / Treatment / Programmed Investigations
Cancer Unit, Outpatient Radiology, and a Children’s Unit.

The Trust explained that it is delighted to open the new Inpatient Ward Block which will provide an excellent quality of clinical accommodation for generations to come.