UFU Presidential Office Holders Remain For Now


UFU presidential officeholders to stay on for another 3 months.

The Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) Executive Committee has agreed that the current presidential team consisting of UFU president Ivor Ferguson and deputy presidents Victor Chesnutt and David Brown, will remain in office for another three-month period.

The decision is a result of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) being postponed for three months due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. This will be reviewed again under the prevailing circumstances before the end of the three-month period to confirm if the AGM will occur as planned. Both the current three presidential officeholders and the nominated candidates for the 2020 AGM, have agreed to the presidential team maintaining their positions and are prepared to facilitate this extension.

Commenting on the office extension UFU president Ivor Ferguson said, “The UFU Executive Committee has agreed that I will continue as UFU president, alongside deputy presidents Victor Chesnutt and David Brown until the AGM can take place. It is scheduled to go ahead in three months but this will be reviewed closer to the time and will depend on the status of COVID-19 and Government’s restrictions.

“We were hugely disappointed that the AGM which takes place every year in April, had to be postponed. However, the situation is one that is out of our control and the safety of our members and staff took priority. The UFU is committed to doing whatever it can to support Government and the NHS in the battle against COVID-19 and postponing the AGM is one example.

“It is an honour to hold a UFU presidential role, representing and working on behalf of farmers and growers across the country. There was no doubt in my mind when I was approached to stay on as president for an extended period because obviously the most important thing is to keep the organisation running smoothly. For the next three months Victor Chesnutt, David Brown and I will continue to promote the interest of our members during this difficult time ensuring they get the support they need to sustain their farming business and continue producing quality food to feed the nation.”


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