Two Poems By Inga – 1


Cultural diversity? 

Surely can’t be.

We are ALL only people with hearts on our sleeves.

What does it matter where you were born?

What does it matter how /what do you learn?

Say you are Russian – so skinny and tall,

That doesn’t mean you better than ALL.

Maybe you Irish – dancing and drinking,

What does it matter if your heart is singing?

Maybe you’re Spanish – dark and so pretty,

Cooking in sun, dancing and fiddling.

Maybe a French man – so elegant, posh.

Bringing all cultures to show what you’re worth!

Then we have Polish – so loud and so fast

Getting all jobs done in a flash!

And the Estonians – slowing their pace,

Life is a journey, not a damn race!

Mournes  have Indians, Latvians, Czech,

Russians and Polish, Slovakians, Dutch.

Welcoming mountains are free for all cultures

No matter what race or what part you came from!

Why don’t we look past the different matters?

Let’s look what IS and CAN unite us.

We all only guests in this beautiful world

LETS ALL just BE FRIENDS for all what it’s worth!

Inga McQuaid.


I Care.

When you wake up and you’re happy what you see,

Does it matter where the Homeland might have been?

Please believe, the sun shines just the same

If you born here or very far away.

What truly matters is that you’re not alone.

Alone is same here as it is back home!

When  you feel that nobody cares much,

I do care ! Believe me just at such. 

I, the foreigner, will come to help you through.

I, the immigrant, will see what I can do.

Maybe I don’t speak your language very well

But I promise to always help you and to care.

And you know, we will be fine, just fine,

You and I, together in this life.

All our differences, they don’t matter much

You and I will work together… watch!

Inga McQuaid 



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