Traffic Calming Needed In Darragh Cross Says Brown

Alliance councillor Patrick calls for urgent traffic calming measures in Darragh Cross.


Alliance councillor Patrick calls for urgent traffic calming measures in Darragh Cross.

Rowallane Alliance Councillor Patrick Brown is calling for the Department of Infrastructure to do more to protect residents of Darragh Cross from reckless drivers by immediately lowering the speed limit to 30mph, incorporating traffic calming measures and a pedestrian crossing.

Rowallene Alliance Councillor Patrick Brown.

Darragh Cross is a rapidly growing settlement situated on a busy main road. Developments are positioned very close to the main road, and the key amenities in the village (the Vivo shop, the pub/restaurant, and GAA club) are directly on the road. Darragh Cross also has a primary school and a playpark, all of which will contribute to the number of people, particularly children, crossing this busy road on a daily basis.

Cllr. Brown added: “Speeding in Darragh Cross is a key concern for all residents and is an issue we’ve been pushing the Department of Infrastructure to address for several years.  

The problem is being made worse as Darragh Cross expands. As such, there are now a large number of young families and children living in the village, all of whom are at risk from dangerous drivers.”

Cllr Brown sat that despite there being a 40mph speed limit in place, drivers frequently travel through the area at speeds well in excess of this; last month a resident was knocked to the ground due to the unnecessary speed of a passing car. Following conversations with the Department for Infrastructure, the department has committed to enhancing the speed limit signage, so it is more visible to motorists, but is refusing to reconsider the speed limit or introduce a pedestrian crossing.

Cllr. Brown added: “I have been working closely with local residents, who are (like myself) frustrated and disappointed by the Department’s lack of willingness to consider lowering the speed limit to 30mph.

“I am urging the Department to reconsider lowering the speed limit to a more reasonable level, to improve the area for vulnerable road users, lower the risk of a collision and reduce the anxiety faced by the local community.”