Student Housing to Get Stars on the Doors in Belfast

STUDENTS in County Down will be among the many who will be taking up accommodation during their studies at Queen’s University in Belfast.

Student accommodation in the city is set to take on a whole new standard level with the introduction of a first-of-its-kind three tiered grading system.

The ‘stars on the doors’ initiative introduced by SU Lets will allocate a gold, silver or bronze status to housing within its portfolio based on the quality of the accommodation – rewarding good quality student tenants with the best housing available. [caption id="attachment_37867" align="alignleft" width="390"]Nicholas Brennan, MD of SUL Lets and Morton Pinpoint is pictured with Jeremy Baird, Andrew Aiken and Tiffany Brien  launching the new initiative. Nicholas Brennan, MD of SUL Lets and Morton Pinpoint is pictured with Jeremy Baird, Andrew Aiken and Tiffany Brien  launching the new initiative.[/caption] Housing will be graded by the agency, which is fully endorsed by Queen’s University Belfast and Queen’s Students’ Union, affording rewards and benefits to the landlords of higher grade properties. Nicholas Brennan, Managing Director of SU Lets believes that this system will help to raise the bar on student accommodation in Belfast, he said: “Finding good student housing and good tenants in Belfast has always been a challenge and is one of the reasons SU Lets was established. “Our aim is that this new system will encourage landlords to provide the best accommodation possible and will encourage students to get good references so they can live in the nicest home in the market. “Our accommodation will be graded by the expert team at SU Lets and we will be able to place early registered students with good references in the best housing available – our advice is to get registered with us as soon as possible, not when the term ends. “SU Lets offer a service committed to improving the student experience in the rental market and protecting both the student’s and the landlord’s rights. “Helpfully, each property will display a sticker on the window which will allow students to scan the QR code and check the grade and specification of the property for potential future lettings. “SU Lets also offers registered students and landlords an on-tap advice service regarding all matters relating to student rental accommodation in Belfast. “Landlords can benefit from not only gaining access to the Queen’s University database which receives regular emails on available properties, but those with gold graded properties will also benefit  from discounted insurance and discounts at selected outlets in Belfast. Jason O’Neill, Queen’s University Student’s Union President is backing the initiative, he said: “I am delighted to see this development within the student housing industry and would urge students and landlords to use the service. “This grading system undoubtedly will help protect our students and allow them to see good properties at a glance. This is a wonderful initiative which can only help both students and landlords in the long run.” SU Lets which launched in partnership with Queen’s University Belfast and Queen’s Student’s Union in April 2012 was the first partnership of its kind in the UK and Ireland, set-up for students seeking private sector accommodation within the University area of Belfast. For further information on how you can sign up to SU Lets visit or call 028 9023 1000.]]>