Strangford Area Needs More Homes Says Shannon

Homelessness needs to be addressed immediately in Strangford Constituency. 

Strangford MP Jim Shannon MP has highlighted number of people who are not in adequate housing or indeed any homes during this cold winter spell.

He said: “The numbers of homeless people in Northern Ireland are increasing rapidly. There are currently almost 23,000 people classed as homeless in the Strangford area. These figures are set to increase over in the next few years.

“These are people who are perhaps separated from families, or living in accommodation which is not fit for purpose, or who cannot afford to stay in their homes. Northern Ireland’s leading homeless charity in Newtownards, the ‘Simon Community NI’, offer specialist support services in the local area including homelessness prevention, accommodation services, health, well-being, practice development and young people’s support services.

“However, they are struggling to provide the materials that are essential in order to help those in need in the area. They say that 4 million UK families with children are only one pay cheque away from being homeless.”

Mr Shannon added: “On the 18th January, a homeless man was found dead at Belfast City Centre. This demonstrates  the tip of the ice berg. It has become a huge problem. Action needs to be taken urgently to support the many organisations who are helping to prevent homelessness and those who are suffering on the streets, and I will be seeking to work with government to secure funding to provide suitable accommodation for families and vulnerable throughout our area.”