Statistical Reports On Northern Ireland Agriculture


The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) has today (Friday 28 March 2014) released two statistical reports:  the ‘Statistical Review of Northern Ireland Agriculture 2013’ and ‘Farm Incomes in Northern Ireland 2012/13’.dn_screen The Statistical Review is the main compendium of statistics for the agri-food sector. It contains a wide range of economic and physical data, which provide an overview for 2013 and enables comparisons to be made with earlier years. Full details of the 2013 aggregate agricultural income figures and farm level income figures, released in summary form on 30 January 2014, are included. This year’s ‘Farm Incomes’ report is the 21st in the series and is based on data collected from 365 farms participating in the annual Farm Business Survey. Within the report information is provided on returns, costs, subsidies, incomes, borrowings, investments and financial position for the main types of farm business within Northern Ireland. There is also a section devoted to the performance of individual farm enterprises.The figures in the report refer mainly to the 2012/13 account year which has an average year end of mid-February 2013.  Copies of these National Statistics reports are available free of charge to download from the Department’s website at the following links 

or @DARDstats.