Friday 21 June 2019 02:19:40 PM

St Mary’s High School Choir Sings At Clonard Novena
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The choir of St. Mary’s High school performed at the Clonard Novena on 20th June.

The Novena attracts over ten thousand people per day and continues to grow in popularity with people watching online from all over the world.

Music plays a very important role in the Novena and the girls really enhanced the celebration of the Mass.

Many people attending congratulated the sound that the choir made and how they added to the atmosphere of the Novena.

Year 11 students Eimear Teggart and Erin Sands performed the role of Cantor at parts of the mass. This is a daunting role, but the girls performed in front of the congregation of over 1000 people with great confidence. It was an excellent way to end a busy year of music making for the students in St. Mary’s.