St Malachy's High School


Year 8 IME students ar St Malachy's High School, Castlewellan. Year 8 IME students ar St Malachy’s High School, Castlewellan.[/caption]

Irish Medium Students in Year 8 at St Malachy’s High School are pictured with Mrs Ciara Pickering, Head of Modern Languages and The Irish Medium Education Stream.

These students join 34 fellow students making up the Irish medium stream at St Malachy’s which is well established and has been operational for five years.

Within the stream, students have the opportunity to study up to 50% of their curriculum through the medium of Irish whilst integrating with other students in the year group for practical subjects.

[caption id="attachment_58720" align="alignleft" width="390"]Year 9 IME students at St Malachy's High School. Year 9 IME students at St Malachy’s High School.[/caption]

The school welcome the new Year 8’s to our school and know their presence will enrich the school community.

Pictured left are IME students from St Malachy’s High School, Castlewellan who sat their GCSE Irish exam at the end of year 9, an amazing three years early!!

They have achieved outstanding results between them, 4A*, 3As & 1B. The school is extremely proud of them all.

Maith hiad!