Some Thoughts On Coronavirus From Dan And Inga


Coronavirus – a View From Workers From Europe.

 “Because the best things in life are not things.”

Local blogger Dan Gebski said: “This quote caught my ear lately while watching a movie called ‘Minimalism’. The movie itself was a story of people who found their purpose leaving their big jobs and corporations to put simpe rules of living life into full joy.

“On the movie minimalists stated strongly that things don’t really matters as objects, clothing, spaces or houses are not as important as our self-happiness. Do you think they are right about that?

Polish blogger Dan Gebski.

“At the present our generation fis acing the most difficult time ever. I would imagine people need to work together and support each other in our communities. As for me as a Polish person who has family in Poland and Ireland, it is very difficult to balance all of this, but I do try and stay positive. What I know for a fact is we need to be strong and start to care more for our surroundings. This appreciation and hope is the only way to go forward. I would like to wish everyone good health and safe times.

“I have spoke to my friend Inga about it and that is what she said to me.”

Inga McQuaid.

“As a Latvian living in Northern Ireland looking after a couple of children, we live in this uncertain time with COVID19  I feel that we are under an attack… a man-made war on our human race… an attack on our humanity which could have a very bad outcome for the elderly, the sick and the vulnerable. 

Latvian blogger Inga McQuaid.

“My another worry, of course, is paying mortgages, Loans, grocery bills etc once our country goes into shut down which again, in my opinion, should happen now. I’m glad to see extra funding for Northern Ireland from the UK Government for all these needs .

“My advice to everyone would be this – stay calm, be on very high alert as to where you go, what you touch, keep your distance from other people, wash and disinfect your hands regularly. But above all please stay caring towards each other, help your neighbours if they need food or medical supplies, check on them.

“I don’t mean physical contact as you may leave the food or the groceries or medical supplies at their front door and keep yourself and everyone else safe. I wish everyone health and safety!”


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