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Sinn Féin Welcome Asbestos Removal in Hilltown
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Sinn Féin councillor Mick Murphy has welcomed a response from the Department of the Environment committing to the removal of asbestos waste which had been illegally dumped at the Leitrim Lodge area of Hilltown.

Councillor  Murphy said: “I entered into correspondence with the Department of the Environment after it was brought to my attention that this hazardous waste had been dumped at what is quite a scenic area of the Mourne countryside.



“Having been in contact back and forth for some time, I now welcome the department’s response to take responsibility for the removal of the waste and would like to thank them for doing so.

His party colleague, Mark Gibbons had also been campaigning for the waste removal and echoed the councillor:

“Whoever is responsible for this type of dumping is completely reckless given the nature of the waste and the location where it was left. This location is close to a public footpath where any child or member of the public could have accessed it and been subject to the hazardous environment around its proximity.

“I would call on anyone with any information about who is responsible for this dumping to contact the council or the PSNI and report it immediately in order to stop this happening again.”