Sinn Féin To Hold Westminster Convention For South Down Constituency


dn_screenSinn Féin is set to hold a convention to select the party’s candidate for the South Down constituency in the Westminster elections due to be held in 2015. Party delegates from across the constituency will gather in the St Patrick’s Centre on Sunday 19 October to choose who will represent it. Sinn Féin’s Agriculture Minister Michelle O’Neill MLA will be guest speaker The only political party with representation across the whole of Ireland, Sinn Féin is now the biggest party on the island. An opinion poll conducted last week in the Republic showed the party’s support to be neck and neck with that of Fine Gael, which is currently in government. Sinn Féin’s support has grown steadily over the past two decades across the north ensuring Sinn Féin’s position as the biggest nationalist party and the main voice of the nationalist people. The Westminster election will be held on Thursday 7 May 2015.