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Sinn Féin Election Posters Ripped Down
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Hazzard hits out at attacks on the democratic process.

South Down MP Chris Hazard has condemned the removal and destruction of Sinn Féin posters across the Down District area and down towards KIlkeel.

South Down Sinn Féin MP Chris Hazzard has said those responsible for ripping down Sinn Féin election posters are attacking the democratic process, but this would not deter the party’s election candidates from providing first-class representation.

Mr Hazzard said: “Sinn Fein election posters were ripped down this week in Seaforde, Clough and Annalong.

“This follows on from similar incidents in Ballynahinch, Saintfield, Barmeen, Hilltown, Donaghmore, and Kilkeel last week.

“This is an attack on the democratic process and an attempt to stop the growth of Sinn Féin across Down.

“Those behind these incidents will not deter our excellent team of election candidates from providing first-class representation to the entire community.”

Sinn Féin council candidate for the Annalong & Glassdrumann Leeanne McEvoy area has condemned those who tore down her election posters over the weekend.

McEvoy explained: “ On Thursday past Sinn Fein election workers erected my campaign posters in the Annalong and Glassdrumman area.

“On Saturday morning I was contacted by people from the area informing me that a number of my posters had been removed overnight.

McEvoy said “Whilst this is most disappointing, I look forward to representing the people of lower Mourne and those who fear the politics of Equality and Rights for all will not deter me or prevent me or my team from campaigning in the Annalong and Glassdrumman area.

McEvoy added “The electorate have the right to hear from all parties, all election candidates should be afforded the opportunity to campaign and canvass the entire electorate. There is nowhere that should be ‘no go areas’ for any candidates.”