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Sinn Féin Councillor Willie Clarke Requests Action Plan For Newcastle Housing Estates
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Sinn Féin Councillor Willie Clarke has identified the need for Down PCSP to introduce an action plan to focus on the housing estates of the Castlewellan Road, Newcastle.dn_screen

Cllr Clarke said: “There have been a series of anti-social behaviour issues in many of the estates on the Castlewellan Road for some time, they can have a big impact on the quality of local people’s lives. No one organisation can solve the problems, so directing efforts and merging resources is the right approach to reducing levels of anti-social behaviour and so improving community safety.

“The action plan will allow local people together with police, education, health, business, voluntary and community sectors to identify community safety issues and devise a programme of work to address the problems, from education and diversionary activities for young people to enforcement.”

Cllr Clarke continued: “Working in partnership is the only way to tackle anti-social behavioural issues. I will be seeking the Down PCSP committee’s agreement to dedicate resources to an anti-social behaviour action plan for this area of Newcastle.”