Sinn Féin Call For Refurbishment Of Stone Dining House At Newcastle Wood


A stone house at Newcastle Wood is under the spotlight.

Newcastle Councillor Willie Clarke (SinnFéin) has written to the Forestry Service asking for maintenance work to be carried out to the Stone Dining House and surrounding area in Newcastle Wood.dn_screen
Councillor Clarke said: “The Stone Dining House is situated along a path leading to the Glen River, it has become overgrown with vegetation and has had  very little maintenance carried out on the structure or the surrounding area over the years. The Stone Dining House according to the stone above the entrance was constructed in 1842 by the Annesley family, it is used by many walkers to shelter from the rain and to rest up for a while.

“This house is another hidden gem in the built heritage of the Newcastle Harbour area, and has many historic buildings and has a rich maritime and industrial heritage, to enjoy it is extremely important to keep these assets in good condition for the visitor and local alike to allow them to enjoy our culture and heritage,”  added Councillor Willie Clarke.