Shimna Wheelers Enjoy A Successful Try A Time Trial


Deon McNeilly. Deon McNeilly.[/caption]

On Saturday Shimna Wheelers ‘Try a Time Trial’ was a great success. Competitors were set off from the Burrendale at one minute intervals.

They then headed to Castlewellan where they turned and made their way back to the Burrendale.

This was a 4.8 mile race, the initial climb gave riders new to Time Trialling  the chance to calculate their maximum efforts and gear ratios while the downhill return gave them the opportunity to put their heads down and pedal fast!

Chapeau to Deon McNeilly, Joe Lennon, Eugene Carville, Jimmy Mc Veigh and Neil McLaughlin who completed the ‘Race of Truth’.

Thanks to race secretary Marty McVeigh for organising the event and also to the marshalls who kept everyone safe.

The top 5 were:




Average Speed

Deon McNelly

Shimna Wheelers


20.7 mph

Jimmy McVeigh

Shimna Wheelers


19.5 mph

Joe Lennon

Shimna Wheelers


19,3 mph

Eugene  Carville

Shimna Wheelers


17.5 mph

Neil McLaughlin

Shimna Wheelers


17.5 mph

Next week; Saturday 29th March riders will have the opportunity to try an undulating but very fast 10 mile course;  the Lacken Road.

The event will commence at 9.30am so riders need to be there at 9.00am to sign up and warm up etc. Anyone available to marshall should contact Marty McVeigh.

[caption id="attachment_48148" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Jimmy McVeigh, right, with Joe Lennon. Jimmy McVeigh, right, with Joe Lennon.[/caption]  ]]>