Sharvin Lends Support to Killough Playgroup


SDLP Down District Councillor Garerh Sharvin has welcomed the recent fundraising efforts in Killough to support the Killough Playgroup.

Councillor Gareth Sharvin lends his support to the Killough Playgroup.

He said: “A fundraiser to help support the great work the playgroup has recognised the work it does for the the community. The day included a toy sale, bouncy castle, raffle, refreshments and many prizes to be won. It was well attended by the whole community and it raised over £1100 for the playgroup.

“It was also a platform to present the new committee members for the playgroup. The playgroup has always been close to my family and how greater a way to pay tribute to the hard work of all  those involved, than to get involved myself.

“The day was a great show of support from the community and the continuous efforts that the committee and staff members give to the playgroup.”

The Chairperson of the Killough Playgroup, Katrina Laird, thanked all businesses and volunteers for making the day a great success. The businesses included Thomas Duffy and Sons, Build A Bear (Belfast), Ramada Hotel, Appearance Killough and a special thanks to the Rogan family.


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