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Shannon Tells Young People To Be Internet Safe
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Warning to teenagers about Sex Videos

Strangford MP Jim Shannon has called for parents to have what will be an “uncomfortable conversation” with their teenage children urging them to be extremely careful of how they use their mobile phones.

Speaking following rising concerns about the abuse of images shared on smart [hones, Mr Shannon said: “It is not an easy conversation to have but it is essential that parents get the message across that what we put out on our phones will be there literally for ever, and if this is a personal thing that you don’t want everyone to see – then don’t let anyone see.

Jim Shannon, Strangford MP has called on young people not to take and share videos or images of a sexual nature as it could get them in trouble with the police.

“Recently local police have cautioned young people to be aware that to distribute or show any sexual attacks could lead to prosecution as this is a serious criminal offence.

“To pass on videos that have been sent to you is not OK. If you receive or transmit or share any video then you could be open to prosecution yourself as distribution of any image of anyone under the legal age of consent is an offence.

“Therefore, don’t be caught out and don’t be afraid of people seeing images of you that you don’t want – just don’t take them and don’t send them!” added Mr Shannon.