Shannon Supports Use Of Medical Cannabis


Strangford DUP MP Jim Shannon speaking after a meeting with Jeremy Hunt MP, Health Secretary, has said that the need to have legislation that will deliver for medicinal cannabis is accepted by the Minister but the decision lies finally with the Home Office.

He said: “My email and post bag have been very heavy on this issue and wee Sophia and her parents in my own constituency here in Newtownards need this access to the medication that can give their daughter a betterquality of life.

“I fully support that and for all the others in my constituency who have illnesses which doctors recommend a medicinal use of cannabis extract. The meeting with Jeremy hunt was most helpful and constructive and it was certainly encouraging to know that he is also a supporter of legalising medicinal cannabis for very specific uses.

“He has referred the matter to the Home Office and with the Health Minister’s help it is hoped that we can deliver the medication under the watchful eye of doctors on a prescription basis after extensive medical testing of the condition in question.”