Shannon Supports Move For Saintfield Community Centre


Strangford MP Jim Shannon speaking at the meeting with Mr Liam Hannaway, Chief Executive of Newry, Mourne and Down District Council, has said that Saintfield needed and deserved a community centre and leisure facility.

[caption id="attachment_53868" align="alignleft" width="300"]Strangford MP Jim Shannon Strangford MP Jim Shannon[/caption]

He said: “After some eight years of deliberation, we have support of all the sporting groups in Saintfield, cricket, hockey, Gaelic sports and football as well as the full support of the Saintfield Development Association for a new Community and Leisure Centre.

“This new centre could be valued at approximately £3 million. Unsurprisingly over 900 people from Saintfield have called for these new facilities. Based on a good economic plan, the old Down District Council had supported the request and the meeting today was to go over the delays on this since January.

“Liam Hannaway has approved and given an assurance that the lines of communication will now be open with the Council which is good news for a very deserving project that will give Saintfield the community centre and leisure facilities that all over the sport clubs in the area so desperately need.

“Now the sports clubs and the Saintfield Development Association can move forward together. The need is there, and the need has been proven, now let’s move forward together and deliver the community and leisure centre in Saintfield.”