Shannon Says We Must Maintain The Fight Against Covid-19

Don’t become complacent with coronavirus – keep doing the best you can.


Don’t become complacent with coronavirus – keep doing the best you can.

Jim Shannon MP has urged the people of the Ards and North Down Borough Council areas to keep up the good work in keeping the infection rate low for coronavirus.

He said: “As we look at the figures across the Province, and indeed the UK, it is clear that we are still in the midst of this pandemic, and the reason that we are faring so well in this area is, I believe, down to the fortitude of those who are doing the right thing, keeping distance and being aware of others around us.

Strangford MP Jim Shannon.

“It certainly wasn’t in my plan for my wife Sandra and I to isolate at home, even after the negative test, and yet I knew that my temporary isolation was worth more than the possibility of passing it on.

“I am thankful that most in people in this constituency seem to be of the same mind. Please keep going in the battle against coronavirus!

“I know it is frustrating, I know it is hard and I am not suggesting that we stop our caring duties rather that we remain aware at all times of how we could stop the spread by distancing and sanitising our hands and listening to the other guidance.

“Please encourage others around you to do the same and let us continue to live our daily lives at the bottom of this table that no one wants to top.

“We need to keep everyone in our area safe and we need to keep businesses open, and if we work together we can certainly achieve this.”