Shannon Says TNI Must Act On Road Blackspot


Shannon calls for road improvements on Portaferry Road road section.

Strangford MP Jim Shannon has called for TNI and Road Service along with the PSNI to address the accident black-spot at the Portaferry Road, Newtownards, close to numbers 120-124.

He said: “There has been, in the last two years, a string of accidents including at least two buses and numerous vehicles at this small 100-yard stretch of road.

Calling for road improvements: Jim Shannon, Strangford MP.

“Some vehicles including the 2 buses have ended up on the shore and just last Sunday another vehicle ended up on its roof in the bank. This portion of road has caused problems for some years and due to the high level of accidents I am calling for TNI and the PSNI to take immediate action to provide more markings on the road, signage to indicate that this is a dangerous stretch of road.

“Road users are more careful when they have more information and whilst those of us who use the road everyday are aware of this short stretch on the Portaferry Road, the fact is that those who are visiting the area, and making the most of this beautiful scenic route, need information to drive safely and this must be supplied urgently,” said Mr Shannon.