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Shannon Says Be Alert for the Silent Killer
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MP for Strangford Jim Shannon, urged people to be aware of the silent killers that can effect your health and to speak to their doctors about this risk if there is any concern.

He said: “As people get older, fatty deposits known as plaque can build up in your arteries and carry no symptoms and this is why doctors sometimes refer to this as one of the silent killers.  People  are not aware they have the risk until it is too late. There are checks that can be done to see the risks of aortic aneurysms and the build up of deposits that can trigger a stroke.

“I would urge all constituents to take time to consider the risks and the small changes in lifestyle that can stop 1 in 5 women and 1 in 6 men from suffering from a stroke.

“Cutting down on fatty foods and only 20 minutes of moderate exercise a day can make the difference in your quality of life as you age. We all want to be able to enjoy our old age and in the same way as most of us have invested in our pensions for our old age, we also need to invest in our health.” added Mr Shannon.