Shannon Meets With Youth Justice Agency

Youth Justice Agency celebrates 20 years of making a difference

Youth Justice Agency celebrates 20 years of making a difference   

Jim Shannon MP has congratulated the Youth Justice Agency of reaching the “wonderful milestone of 20 years in Service to young people and victims”.

Strangford MP Jim Shannon meets with representatives of the Youth Justice Agency on the organisations 20th anniversary.

Mr Shannon added: “I was impressed attending the event hearing a little of the personal stories that gave an example of the work that is achieved by the engagement with these young people and the incredibly low re-offending rates that come with a good connection.

“I was also impressed by the comments of Judge Bailie who highlighted the integral part that is played by the team in Restorative Justice from the judicial angle.

“There have been 20 years of hard work from the team and the results are clear.

” I wish them every success as they continue this great work with vulnerable young offenders and ensuring the victims are heard and that lifelong changes are made.”