Shannon Endorsed To Run In Strangford Constituency

DUP out-going MP Jim Shannon is to run again for election in the Strangford Constituency

The outgoing Strangford MP Shannon has welcomed his endorsement to run in the Westminster election as the DUP candidate for Strangford constituency by local independent Councillor Steven Irvine.

He said: “I am delighted to receive the endorsement from Steven Irvine as one of the local independent unionist councillors in the area and I am thankful that he has so soundly endorsed me at this time.”

Steven Irvine, an Independent Councillor on the Ards and North Down Borough Council, said: “As an independent councillor, I have the privilege of endorsing the candidate who I believe is best suited to win the seat for Strangford at Westminster.

Strangford MP Jim Shannon will once agin be contesting for the Strangford seat to return to Westminster as a DUP representative.

“Although I do not always align with the DUP and some of their policies, I have complete confidence in Jim Shannon as both a person and a politician.

“Jim and I share many similar beliefs, though we do differ on a few issues.

“During my tenure on the council, I have worked very well with Jim. He has been honest and frank with me, especially over this past turbulent year.

“His door has always been open, and he has always been at the end of the phone counselling on his wealth of experience.

“Jim has included me in numerous issues concerning Newtownards, none more significant than the closure of the Minor Injuries Unit and, more recently, matters regarding Special Education Needs.

Providing advice centres across the Strangford constituency: at the official opening of the new DUP office in Ballynahinch in February 2024 were (l-r:) Cllr Jonny Jackson; Strangford MP Jim Shannon; Gavin Robinson, DUP Deputy Leader; and South Down MLA Harry Harvey.

“Over the past months, particularly since the so-called “Donaldson Deal” came into effect, I have worked on behalf of my constituents to understand how and why this deal was implemented by the DUP.

“Jim arranged for Jeffrey Donaldson to come to Ards to try and explain the deal.

“And at the same time Jim also facilitated another meeting with a senior DUP official who was reluctant about the deal, ensuring we had our questions answered from both perspectives.

“Jim has assured me that his vote was not in favour of the deal. After having many conversations with him, I am completely confident that Jim Shannon will work to correct the misgivings brought about by Jeffrey Donaldson.

“He is better placed to rectify these issues from within the DUP, as he stands with other members who voted against the deal.

“Therefore, without any hesitation, I endorse Jim Shannon in his campaign to regain his Westminster seat.

“His dedication and commitment to our community make him the ideal candidate for the role.”

Jim Shannon has always been keen to provide advice for all his constituents and his advice offices Newtownards and Ballynahinh reach out to those seeking help and sup[port with their complex needs.

He is a very regular attender in Westminster often participating in debates and challenging Ministers, and he even delivered his maiden speech in Ulster-Scots.