Shannon Cautions Over Sheep Worrying


Jim Shannon MP has called for the general public to be careful when out walking their dogs in the countryside.

s Council encourages responsible dog ownership in bronze award scheme.
Keep your dog under control at all times in the countryside, especially during the lambing season.

He said: “At this time of the year when sheep and young lambs are bouncing around the fields, it is imperative that dogs are kept on their leads. Last year there were numerous incidences of sheep worrying and the attack of young lambs.

“Lambs don’t have the speed to run away and this is true for pregnant ewes heavy with lamb also.

“As brighter and warmer weather approaches and Easter beckons, enjoy the countryside, go for a walk where it is safe to do so and where you are permitted but please be careful…  sheep and lambs are in almost every other field and they are delightful to look at but never ever let your dog off a lead.

“Remember you are responsible for all that your dog does and the cost could be enormous on top of the suffering and death and harm to the farmers stock and livelihood that follows.”