Shannon Attends EU Brexit Rally In Portavogie

Jim Shannon attended the recent rally in Portavogie in favour of an exit from the EU.

He said: “The PM’s deal leaves the EU in charge of the same things after his negotiation as before. It is not legally binding – the European Court can tear it up the day after the referendum. This is dangerous – we will keep sending at least £350 million a week abroad,

Strangford MP Jim Shannon
Strangford MP Jim Shannon

“Immigration will continue out of control putting public services like the NHS under strain, The European Court will be in charge of our borders, immigration, asylum and even our intelligence services. If we Vote Leave, we will take back control and can spend our money on our priorities, take control of our own affairs and be a sovereign independent nation once again.”

On the subject of migration and security, Mr Shannon added: “A quarter of a million EU migrants come here every year – a population the size of Greater Belfast. This puts a big strain on public services like the NHS and schools.

“Furthermore, the EU Court means we can’t stop violent convicted criminals coming here from Europe and it also stops us from deporting dangerous terror suspects!

“We need to take back control of our borders so we decide who can come here – and who can’t. This is the way it should be and when we Vote Leave it is the way it will be!

“The EU’s migrant crisis is out of control and with EU Judges using the Charter of Fundamental Rights to take away more power from our police and security services the security situation under a deluded EU leadership is only getting worse. The former head of Interpol, Ronald K Noble, has said that: ‘Europe’s open-border arrangement… is effectively an international passport-free zone for terrorists” and that it was like ‘hanging a sign welcoming terrorists to Europe’. Voting to leave is THE safer choice.”

On the subject of business and trade Mr Shannon added: “Only 5% of British businesses export to the EU but 100% suffer the burden of EU red tape, EU regulations are highly damaging to our economy, costing small businesses millions every week.

“EU energy regulations cost families and small businesses millions. EU rules delay building schools and hospitals – and add millions to the cost. We have no power to make free trade deals with fast growing economies like India and China – unlike non-EU Iceland and Switzerland. UK trade and jobs will thrive after we Vote Leave – tying yourself to Europe in the new age is old hat and tying yourself to barely developed economies in search of economic prosperity is calculated madness.

Pertinent to Portavogie, Mr Shannon concluded with remarks on the EU’s impact on the UK fishing industry, saying: “One of the most damaging implications of Britain joining the EU has been the effect on our fishing industry. The Common Fishing Policy (CFP) is the EU’s method of implementing pan-European laws on fishing and aquaculture.

“Geographically well placed, British and Irish waters actually account for 60 percent of the EU’s waters. To add salt to the wound, it is an embarrassing reminder the CFP did not exist until Britain joined the EU. The sacrifice made essentially placed Britain’s precious waters under a shared resource to other EU nations. Ever since, stocks have depleted and many coastal towns have gone into economic and social decline through the loss of thousands of jobs.”