Shannon Attends Ballyhalbert Layby Meeting


Strangford MP Jim Shannon speaking after the site meeting at the layby opposite the Gospel Hall in Ballyhalbert along with Cllr Nigel Edmund and Brendan Matchett from Transport NI and Richard Britain from Ards and North Down Borough Council has urged TNI  to provide the rock armour that has never been put in place at this location and to secure the lay-by and the road stability for this very busy peninsula road.

Mr Shannon said: “The Gospel Hall have carried out substantial work for the part of the Car Park that they own with volunteer workers and use of a digger and they have done on excellent job.

“Work amounting to £7000 has been carried out and it is clear that TNI have a responsibility to ensure that their unworked part of the car park doesn’t have a detrimental effect on the work that has been done thus far.

“They have reinforced their part of the car-park and the request to TNI to rock armour and that there may be a source of funding that could enable the lay by car park to have the work carried out is a possibility that deserved to be looked at.

“It is also a part of the regeneration development strategy for the village of Ballyhalbert and that is why the Council were present and it is my opinion that this has ‘urgent’ written all over it. Locals have dug deep to carry out work and TNI need to provide the same protection and so that everyone wins – some flexibility is needed and work must be carried out.”

Cllr Nigel Edmund said: “It was great to meet with both TNI and Council to coordinate exactly where each body could play a part in making the improvements that are so vital a reality. I will be following up with both bodies in the hopes that they will step up to fulfil their role in the way that the local members of the gospel hall have stepped up to do their part. The work needs carried out and this must be done as soon as is possible.”