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Shannon Angered at Murder of Lee Rigby
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STRANGFORD MP JIm Shannon has expressed his anger at the murder of soldier Lee Rigby  in London saying he was “murdered by cowards”.

Mr Shannon MP  said: “We owe our soldiers so much for their service, devotion to duty, courage and commitment. The horrific murder of Drummer Lee Rigby has underlined that commitment. Murdered by cowards, run over by a car and when in an unconscious and vulnerable position on the ground he was attacked by demented and perverted people with knives and cleavers – they just don’t deserve to live.  His brutal death was witnessed by many passers-bye and has been indented on their memories and souls for the rest of their lives.dn_screen

“The contrast to this is found in the dignity of the family – his mother, stepfather, wife and family circle – as they paid an emotional tribute to a young man who gave so much and had so much more to give, only to be struck down by despicable evil terrorists. At times like this it is the families that we think of that we lift in prayer asking that the Lord Jesus will give help and comfort at this time of unspeakable grief.

“We have a great tradition of service in the forces in Strangford – every one of us knows someone personally or is related to someone serving in the Army and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for the dedication and courage they have. If we ever needed reminding of our debt of gratitude it has been brought back to us by the death of this young soldier whose only crime was that of serving Queen and Country.

“I will be asking the Prime Minister to ensure that those who stir up radical ideals through teaching and preaching will be deported from our shores, and to do all we can to ensure that there are not those who will use vulnerable minds to carry out evil deeds in their stead. Again our thoughts and prayers go to Lee Rigby’s family.”