Sellafield Report Damning Says Hazzard


Sinn Féin MLA Chris Hazzard has added his voice to the condemnation of the management of the nuclear process at Sellafield.

He has expressed his deep concern with reports that Sellafield nuclear waste poses an “intolerable” risk to people and local environment of County Down.

Mr Hazzard said: “While it comes as no surprise to the people of South Down that the Sellafield Nuclear processing plant poses a huge risk to people and the environment, the report by the National Audit Office of Britain is extremely worrying.

“Only last week we saw a report that the South Down region has some of the highest rates of cancer on the island of Ireland and it is no coincidence we are the closest county to Sellafield.

“This report highlights that the present arrangement for the storage and disposal of nuclear waste is totally inadequate and that the previous strategy to clean up the area was unrealistic.

“I am calling on the British Government to now make an urgent statement on the threat to public health and I intend to liaise with my colleagues in the South of Ireland so that the Irish Government become involved in also raising this matter at the highest level.”


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