SDLP Welcomes Trial Of Speed Indicator Devices In NMD

SDLP Welcomes Speed Indicator Device Feedback.


SDLP Welcomes Speed Indicator Device Feedback.

SDLP Colin McGrath MLA and Councillor John Trainor have welcomed feedback on the trialling of speed indicator devices in the Newry Mourne and Down area and noted improvements that can be made to Downpatrick’s resident SID.

South Down MLA Colin McGrath and Councillor John Trainor welcome the feedback on speeding from the Speed Indicator Devices installed across the district.

Mr McGrath said: “I would like to wholeheartedly applaud the Newry Mourne and Down District Council for having invested in this trial pilot scheme through the PCSP of speed indicator devices.  

“The seven that were purchased do represent the Council’s commitment to protecting its citizens while on the roads.

“The SDLP was instrumental providing guidance as to where these devices would be located.  The location of one on the Strangford Road was an absolute necessity.

“However, as we are seeing in other parts of the district the positioning of the device could be improved.”

Councillor Trainor said: “Given that the SID is located only a few yards from the change from national to 40mph we do feel that it should have been located before the change in speed when motorists should be slowing down.

“The change in speed should act as a speed deterrent for drivers and encourage them to decrease their speed.  Now the capacity is there for the signs to be moved and Colin and I will both be writing to the Council team and encouraging them to see this sign moved into a more suitable position along the Strangford Road.”

Mr McGrath added: “That is the great benefit about this trial period for these signs as it allows us the opportunity to iron out any issues there may before going forward with any further investment in SIDs.

“I would hope the Council will look favourably on this to continue to work collectively for the safety and security of all our citizens.”