SDLP Declares For One Zone With Four Year Year Transition


After weeks of speculation and wide-spread consultation with farming groups and agri-sector stakeholders the SDLP have come down in favour of a single zone region for CAP Pillar 1, and a four year transition period to achieve a single flat rate payment across Northern Ireland according to SDLP Agriculture Spokesperson Joe Byrne MLA.dn_screen

He said: “The key factors influencing this decision are the principle of fairness and equality, the sustaining and development of family farm based rural communities, and a sensible period of four years to allow for necessary adjustment.

“This has been a major consultation exercise, and the SDLP believe that the sooner the Minister for Agriculture concludes this issue, the better for all concerned in the farming sector.

“There has been too much uncertainty and confusion allowed to grow since the debacle over the Pillar 1/Pillar 2 transfer at the end of 2013 which is adding to the anxiety surrounding the CAP Pillar 1 issue.”