Save Killyleagh Library Campaign Begins

An action committee by local supporters of the library was formed at a well-attended meeting at the Bridge Centre in Killyleagh last Wednesday night and unanimously decided to form and support the Action Committee working under the banner of  ‘Save Killyleagh Library’. Well known Killyleagh personality, author Clive Scoular, was elected as Committee Chairman, along with Joanne McCrum and Alan Bucknall.

Alan Bucknall said, “The group  is asking everyone in Killyleagh to join with us in our campaign to leave LibrariesNI in no doubt that they have no option but to ‘Save Killyleagh Library’.  Look out for our poster ‘You Can Save the Library’, and follow the practical advice on how we can all give direct support to the campaign. “Be in no doubt… Killyleagh Library has a future if Killyleagh people are prepared to work for it,” he said. Politcal support to save the library as strong and Strangford DUP MP Jim Shannon along with Simon Hamilton MLA and Down District Councillor Billy Walker has already sought an urgent meeting with Irene Know, Libraries NI Chief Executive NI and other representatives and groups can attend this meeting to express their views. [caption id="attachment_19090" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="The fight is on to save Killyleagh Library."][/caption] ]]>