Savage Says Tories Showing Contempt For NHS


Savage: Tory contempt for NHS crystal clear.

SDLP South Down Westminster candidate, Cllr Michael Savage has slammed recent comments from Matt Hancock, Conservative Health Minister, regarding an NHS surcharge to all non-UK residents.

Cllr Savage said: “These comments are as stark as they are staggering. This is a new low, if that were even possible, from the most callous of Conservatives. This is more systemic destruction of the NHS, creating a two tiered health service, geared towards payment for care. Our doctors, nurses and other health professionals do not want to police their patients and play border patrols. They want to care for them.”

SDLP candidate for South Down, Councillor Michael Savage, is angered at the Tories showing contempt to the NHS.

Cllr Savage said: “Not only is this recent statement cruel, it is also ill informed. Countless data show that EU migrants make a net contribution to our economy, paying in £15.5 billion more in tax than they take out, not to mention the contribution of hundreds of thousands of dedicated health professionals from across the world.

“They care for our patients with kindness and compassion, working in the most difficult and high pressure of situations. What sort of message does this send to our NHS staff and indeed, our citizens?”

Cllr Savage added: “If Matt Hancock and his Tory colleagues actually want to get the NHS off its knees, they would be better served putting an end to the systemic underfunding, austerity policy and invest urgently in our system and our staff.

“They would also be better served if they ended their dangerous flirtation with Donald Trump and his plan to privatise our NHS. As progressives, this is what we’re up against.

“People across South Down very much value the excellent local services and great care they receive in the Downe and Daisy Hill and they want their MP to fight to protect these services.

“This is yet another reason why it is absolutely crucial that South Down will have a voice in Westminster, voting against cruel policies like these and attempts to privatise our NHS. Sitting out this fight is not good enough.” 


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