Ruane meets With Action Mental Health

The Minister said, “Schools have a key role to play in offering support and help to young people who may be experiencing a difficult time in their lives. Children may experience a range of problems relating to a number of issues both in school and their personal lives. “It is therefore vital that professional counselling services are available in schools with easy access to all. The Independent Counselling Service for Schools, which has been fully operational from January 2007, has provided support to many young people in post-primary schools. “As part of the current arrangements for support following a critical incident, pupils in primary schools also have access to counselling support and my Department is considering the appropriateness of further interventions, including counselling, for primary age pupils.” Minister Ruane, “I welcome the opportunity to discuss the vitally important issue of mental health provision. I know that the core aim of Action Mental Health’s work is to raise awareness of mental health issues and to provide early intervention when problems arise. The work they carry out in the Newry area and beyond is absolutely invaluable and I commend them for that.”]]>