Ruane Concerned About Rising Number of Home Repossessions


THERE was more bad news for South Down this week on housing. Sinn Féin MLA Caitriona Ruane commented on the issue of home repossessions saying more needs to be done to protect people’s homes after recent figures show South Down as having some of the highest numbers of home repossessions in the North. She said: “There has been worries in recent times about the number of people facing difficulties with their home mortgage repayments. The figures relating to the increase in repossessions in the South Down area has now confirmed those fears. “Across the North there has been a rise in repossessions as more and more people are unable to meet their mortgages. “What is also worrying is that mortgage arrears have also risen, so there is the prospect of more people losing their homes in the coming months “It is important that mortgage lenders move to provide assistance to those experiencing difficulties in meeting payments to ensure that people maintain their homes. “I would call on people who are experiencing difficulties to seek help as soon as possible so that agreements can be made that will secure their homes.”


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