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Rowallene Sinn Féin Candidate Eddie Hughes Backs Equality Commission Complaint On Housing Provision
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Sinn Féin election candidate Eddie Hughes has backed a complaint on housing provision, which was lodged with the Equality Commission by Sinn Féin representatives.

Mr Hughes said: “The housing crisis across the North has hit epidemic proportions with the problem now as bad as those in the 1960’s especially for nationalists. Minister for Social Development Nelson McCausland has failed to deal with this in any meaningful way and it is not acceptable.dn_screen

“The minister has failed to provide enough new housing and Sinn Féin has concerns that housing isn’t being allocated according to need. We are very clear that we not prepared to tolerate a return to the bad old days of discrimination on housing.”

Mr.Hughes added: “We know from figures recently released by the Housing Executive locally that there is a huge waiting list of people requiring housing throughout East Down. Whilst I fully understand the difficulties facing the Housing Executive regarding the creation of new housing, the Minister needs to take action on the issue and explore ways in which our local Housing Executive officials can start to address this escalating problem.

“We have been working on this issue with people from the trade unions, housing-rights campaigners, NGOs and of course the families and individuals who are suffering from this mess.

“We have lodged a complaint with the Equality Commission and are looking for an in-depth investigation in the way that social housing is provided across the North.

“Having a home is a basic human right and Sinn Féin is determined that everyone who needs a home will have one based only on need.”