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Rogers Welcomes Drainage Works on Castlewellan Rd, Newcastle
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SOUTH DOWN MLA Seán Rogers has welcomed the Roads Service’s commitment to carry out essential works on the Castlewellan Road, Newcastle.dn_screen

Mr Rogers said: “During the heavy rainfall a few weeks ago, I made representations to the DRD Roads Service calling for the drains on the Castlewellan Road – particularly at the entrance to Burrenview Meadow to be inspected.

“Surface water was pooling at these points causing a danger for both motorists and passing pedestrians.

“Following these representations Roads Service has advised that the road gullies at the entrance of Burrenview Court were checked and found to be clear. However, possible blockages were observed at two road gullies at the entrance to a new development on the Castlewellan Road, not far from Burrenview Court. The clearing of the road gullies and the jetting of the drainage line has been instructed. The Department anticipates that this cleansing work will be carried out within the next 2 weeks.

“I welcome this news and thank the Down Section Office for their speedy action in this regard,” added, Mr Rogers.