Rogers Comments On Annsborough Flood Prevention Developments


South Down SDLP MLA Seán Rogers has again spent time with the residents of Annsborough who for another night endured flood waters threatening their homes following the recent heavy rains.

Mr Rogers said: “Last Tuesday night, The NI Fire and Rescue Service were again called to Annsborough to assist local residents in the prevention of flood waters entering their properties. This has happened on too many occasions and isn’t good enough. I again wish to put my on record my total thanks and praise for these officers who have really been a lifeline for those living in Annsborough Park.

John Rice's garden in Annsborough under water and sewage from the recent  flooding.
Cut off: John Rice, a senior citizen, was trapped in his home for two days recently because of flooding in Annsborough Park.  

“Since the multi-agency meeting which I hosted on the 13 January, I am very pleased that all agencies went away to see what could be done to alleviate the problem.

“Transport NI have created an additional gully which will now drain into a separate system. This is designed to assist at times of excessive rainfall when the previous infrastructure is overflowing.

“NI Water have also commenced further works totalling £130k – these works at the pumping station will create a new storm holding tank and will allow for the upgrade of the pumping station.

“I thank all of these agencies for their assistance.

“I am pleased that all of these measures have arisen as a result of my meeting and these agencies working together. However, I must stress Annsborough remains a flooding hot spot and these measures in themselves will not fully resolve the problems. But I really hope that it will be a noticeable improvement for the residents who have been battling the floodwaters at this location for too long.”