Rogers Calls For Increased Signage At Castlewellan Roundabout


South Down SDLP MLA Seán Rogers has called on Transport NI to improve the roundabout signage at the junction between Main Street and Newcastle Road, Castlewellan.

South Down MLA Séan Rogers at the Castlewellan roundabout.
South Down MLA Séan Rogers at the Castlewellan roundabout.

Mr Rogers said: “This is a very busy junction. It is essentially a mini-roundabout however upon inspection many vehicles simply drive straight through or round it with no indicators.

“Castlewellan has become such a busy town that I fear of further collisions at this junction.

“This roundabout was put in place to help coordinate the building levels of traffic in Castlewellan and has become an important traffic calming measure in the town.  Since it was put there, traffic levels have continued to increase in the town.

“Many local people from the town have highlighted their concerns to me and have asked for better improved signage.

“I understand that the majority of users abide by the code however this appears to be one hotspot where people continue to drive with little care or attention.

“I have approached Transport NI and asked that urgent consideration be given to better signage.”