Road Improvements for Drumarden Road in Portaferry


Jim Shannon, DUP MP for Strangford, has met with DRD officials to discuss improvements to the Drumarden Road, Portaferry.

He said: “I have received many complaints about the state of the road and this was an opportunity to set up a meeting with DRD representatives and local residents to discuss how it can be improved. The road is pock marked with pot-holes and the edges of the road have eroded away in parts.dn_screen

“A road once used by farmers has now a large local resident population using it on a regular basis.  The local farmers who we met have agreed to work with DRD to address areas of flooding difficulties and DRD are keen to work with them.

“There is a portion of the road that has shown a larger deterioration that most and DRD are intending to work with farmers and landowners in early spring to asphalt and make a solution to this problem. Many thanks to DRD and the farmers for their contribution and helpful meeting.”