Ritchie Says Syrian Refugee Crisis Must Be Addressed


AS the Syrian crisis continues, South Down MP Margaret Ritchie has called on the British government to do all they can to help the most at risk refugees in Syria. Ms Ritchie said: “Following the majority vote in the House of Commons I welcome that the British government pulled back from supporting a military strike in Syria and that efforts have been made towards achieving a diplomatic resolution.dn_screen

“This is exactly what the SDLP called for and I encourage all parties to push towards a lasting settlement that might begin to bring an end to the misery for the people of Syria.

“However, as it stands Syria continues to face one of the worst humanitarian disasters and refugee crisis in living memory. Efforts must be redoubled by governments across the EU, including the UK, to work with the UN Refugee Agency to provide immediate assistance to those refugees who are most acutely at risk and vulnerable.

“All options must be considered including assisted resettlements to other countries where refugees may have strong ties or family connections.

“As always, people across Ireland have been incredibly generous in providing support to the emergency aid appeal to Syria and I will be calling on the UK government to consider all the options to help the humanitarian effort as soon as Westminster returns in October,”  added Ms Ritchie.