Ritchie Says Northern Ireland Must Stay In Single Market


South Down MP Margaret Ritchie has used the first oral questions to the Department for Exiting the European Union to call on the Secretary of State David Davis to commit to exploring ways Northern Ireland can stay in the Single Market in the eventuality that Britain leaves.

dn_screenMs Ritchie has said: “Northern Ireland’s membership of the European Single Market is vital for the economy throughout the island of Ireland. As with so much else with Brexit, Northern Ireland’s unique circumstances mean we have even more to lose from exit from the Single Market than Britain.

“There is grave concern that Northern Ireland’s interests will be a casualty of the UK’s exit negotiations with Brussels, and this uncertainty is already causing problems for NI businesses and agriculture.

“The British Government could help Northern Ireland side-step much of the hardship of Brexit if they simply announced now that the North will remain in the Single Market regardless of the outcome for England, Scotland and Wales.”